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TODAY MARCH 20, 2023
Mother-of-pearl -- Classic beauty and remarkable strength
  Also called nacre ("NAY-ker"), mother-of-pearl is 3,000 times more fracture-resis ...

Media bid farewell to Jules Verne
  The ATV is presented in two sections. The section containing rocket engines, flight electro ...

Stellar fireworks are ablaze in galaxy NGC 4449
  NGC 4449 has been forming stars since several billion years ago, but currently it is experi ...

Carnegie Mellon University-led team conducts most detailed cosmological simulation to date
  By incorporating the physics of black holes into a highly sophisticated model running on a ...

ESF helps Europe play lead role in new age of astronomical discovery
  Europe is playing a key role in this global programme with three new instruments, including ...

NASA Satellite Captures First View Of 'Night-shining' Clouds
A NASA satellite has captured the first occurrence this summer of mysterious iridescent polar clouds that form 50 miles ...

Researchers Identify Alcoholism Subtypes
Analyses of a national sample of individuals with alcohol dependence (alcoholism) reveal five distinct subtypes of the ...

Bacterial Pathogen May Be Key To Understanding Cancer Development
A research team including University of Central Florida Microbiology Professor Keith Ireton is using the bacterial path ...

Family-related Issues Top List Of Reasons For Migration Of Immigrant Scientists And Engineers
The latest statistics from the National Science Foundation (NSF) reveal that more than one-third of immigrant scientist ...

Researchers Develop New Method For Screening Drug-resistant Forms Of HIV
A growing number of drug-resistant strains of HIV are a threat to the effectiveness of current treatments despite anti- ...

Earth And Mars Are Different To The Core, Scientists Find
Research comparing silicon samples from Earth, meteorites and planetary materials, published in Nature (28th June 2007) ...

What Happened Before The Big Bang?
New discoveries have been made about another universe whose collapse appears to have given birth to the one we live in ...

New Method For Reading DNA Sheds Light On How Cells Define Themselves
As a fertilized egg develops into a full grown adult, mammalian cells make many crucial decisions -- closing doors of o ...

Ablation Procedure Proves Safe, Effective And Fast
Multiple-electrode radiofrequency ablation is a safe and effective way of treating patients with liver cancer that can ...

Yale Chemists Work On Converting Solar Energy To Fuel
A team of chemists at Yale is working to increase the nation`s energy supply through effective use of solar power under ...

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Single molecules can be used as perfect templates or scaffolds for metal deposition. 
For example, it is possible to decorate a single nanotube with a film of amorphous metal and produce a homogeneous nanowire of width in the range 5-10 nm.
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