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TODAY MARCH 20, 2023
Unraveling the physics of DNA's double helix
  "The stability of DNA is so fundamental to life that it's important to understand ...

Arizona State scientists keep an eye on Martian dust storm
  The dust storm, which erupted during the last week of June 2007, is affecting operations fo ...

New phenomenon in physics discovered on illumination of metal surfaces
  The discovery, known as acoustic plasmon, could have applications in the design of ultra-hi ...

New light cast on key chemical reactions in interstellar space
  Argonne National Laboratory senior chemist Stephen Klippenstein along with colleagues at ...

Search for the water of life - UCL astronomers find water on extra-solar planet
  Extra-solar planets are those outside our Solar System and more than 200 have been discov ...

The origin of perennial water-ice at the South Pole of Mars
  The OMEGA instrument on board ESAs Mars Express has characterised the types of ice deposits ...

Significant new method developed for characterizing density wave features
  These density waves appear as high-density regions in galaxies in the forms of spirals, bar ...

Queen's chemists work with NASA to develop liquids for lunar telescope
  The instrument will have a mirror consisting of a liquid with a thin metal film on its surf ...

Astronomers find the most distant known galaxies
  Team leader Professor Richard Ellis, Steele Professor of Astronomy at Caltech, will present ...

The new 'look' of superconductivity
  Like the surface motif of a bubble bath, the spatial distribution of a magnetic field penet ...

Stellar Tiramisu
  "It is a little bit like a Tiramisu or a Capuccino," says Luca Pasquini from ESO, ...

Astronomers look forward to Herschel's views of the distant universe
  Professor Matt Griffin of the School of Physics and Astronomy at Cardiff University will de ...

Akari Maps Warm Universe In Exquisite Detail
  Team member Dr Chris Pearson from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and Europea ...

Pierre Auger Observatory shares cosmic-ray data with public and students
  The international Pierre Auger Collaboration, which includes scientists from 17 countries, ...

50 new mission proposals for ESA's scientific programme
  These 50 proposals represent more than a 50 percent increase in response by the science com ...

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The substrate is then rinsed in a photoresist developer solution, in which all parts of the photoresist exposed to light are removed
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