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TODAY MARCH 20, 2023
MIT physicists get ultra-sharp glimpse of electrons
  Two-dimensional electron systems, in which electrons are walled in from above and below but ...

Bending polymers provides spontaneous way to duplicate beauty of nature
  Yes, say Dr. Eran Sharon and his co-workers, Yael Klein and Efi Efrati, at the Hebrew Unive ...

Charon: An Ice Machine in the Ultimate Deep Freeze
  Evidence for these ice deposits comes from high-resolution spectra obtained using the Gemin ...

New tool to measure speeding nuclei is a fast-beam first
  In the study, NSCL users from the Institute for Nuclear Physics of the University of Cologn ...

Innovative carbon nanotube growth tool selected for nanocomposites and mechanical sensor research
  Surrey NanoSystems, a joint venture between the University of Surreys Advanced Technology ...

Croatian Research Institute Launches Novel Online Random Number Generator Service
  The range of applications of this unique service, named 'QRBGS', spans fields as ...

Nano propellers pump with proper chemistry
  Now chemists at the University of Illinois at Chicago have created a theoretical blueprint ...

Microscopic jets, diamonds unlikely on Uranus, and amazing mosquito legs
  Microscopic Polystyrene Balls - now Jet-propelled! J. Howse, R. Jones, A. Ryan, T. Gough, R ...

New particle explains odd behavior in cuprate superconductors
  The newly formulated particle is a boson and has a charge of 2e, but does not consist of tw ...

Wobbly polarity is key to preventing magnetic avalanches on disk drives
  New research brings models of magnetic avalanches much closer to reality, helping physicist ...

Atlantis readies for Columbus mission
  Columbus was flown to Florida on 30 May 2006. Earlier this year, it was removed from tempor ...

The Gobbling Dwarf that Exploded
  A unique set of observations, obtained with ESO's VLT, has allowed astronomers to find ...

Speed bumps less important than potholes for graphene
  Thats one of the conclusions reached by researchers from the National Institute of Standar ...

Semiconductor membrane mimics biological behavior of ion channels
  "By creating nanopores in the membrane, we can use the membrane to separate charged sp ...

AKARI presents detailed all-sky map in infrared light
  Launched in February 2006, AKARI is making a comprehensive, multi-wavelength study of the s ...

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