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TODAY MARCH 20, 2023
Northeastern U researchers answer longstanding question in the field of condensed matter physics
  Northeastern University Physics professor Sergey V. Kravchenko along with colleagues Svetla ...

Changing the rings: a key finding for magnetics design
  Their results, published in the Physical Review Letters,* point to more efficient methods t ...

Nano-layer of ruthenium stabilizes magnetic sensors
  In the NIST sensor design, ruthenium modulates interactions between a ferromagnetic film (i ...

Star caught smoking: VLTI snapshots dusty puff around variable star
  R Coronae Borealis stars are supergiants exhibiting erratic variability. Named after the fi ...

First light for world's largest 'thermometer camera'
  "A large fraction of all the gas in the Universe has extremely cold temperatures of ar ...

Purdue 'milestone' a step toward advanced sensors, communications
  The laser pulses could be likened to strobes used in high-speed photography to freeze fast- ...

New oxidation methods streamline synthesis of important compounds
  Chemists at the University of Illinois are helping to meet this challenge by developing a c ...

Defining the thickness of polymer films by a drop of water
  FOM-researcher Wim de Jeu and his fellow researchers from the United States of America and ...

Unravelling the random fluctuations of nothing
  The dream of theoretical physics is to unite behind a common theory that explains everythin ...

Uncovering the Veil Nebula
  The bigger the star, the shorter its life. When a star significantly heavier than our Sun ru ...

Using a magnet to tune a magnet
  Magnets can be classified by their ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ magnetic properties. Hard magnets, some ...

Queen’s astronomer searches for new planets in ‘100 nights’ study
  This unprecedented award for a Northern Ireland astronomer is built on the success of the Q ...

Impact craters in Tyrrhena Terra
  On 10 May 2007, the pictures of the region located at 18° South and 99° East were taken dur ...

Physicists: Quantum Dance Draws Unexpected Guests
  But the quantum dance party’s guest list just got bigger. In a paper that appeared Friday ...

U-M scientist says Mars winds could pose challenges
  Martian winds probably won't cause serious problems for NASA's upcoming Phoenix M ...

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Carbon nanotubes are deposited in solution onto the substrate. The nanotubes are allowed to settle and stick to the surface of the substrate.
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