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TODAY MAY 31, 2020
NSF's "Broader Impacts" Criterion Gets Mixed Reviews
Every scientist who submits a proposal to NSF must address both the
intellectual merit and the "broader impacts" of t ...

Radio ’screams’ from the Sun warn of radiation storms
  Scientists made the connection by analyzing observations of CMEs from ESA/NASA’s SOHO (Sola ...

Cosmologists predict a static universe in 3 trillion years
  Now, physicists Lawrence Krauss from Case Western Reserve University and Robert J. Scherrer ...

Hubble photographs grand spiral galaxy Messier 81
  The sharpest image ever taken of the large "grand design" spiral galaxy M81 is being released ...

Laser-induced bubbles liven things up in lab-on-a-chip
  Apart from that, the bubbles form a strong new way of mixing fluids within a lab-on-a-chip, ...

Astrophysicists find fractal image of Sun’s ‘Storm Season’ imprinted on Solar Wind
  Fractals, mathematical shapes that retain a complex but similar patterns at different magni ...

A Brown Dwarf Joins The Jet-Set
  Jets of matter have been discovered around a very low mass 'failed star', mimicki ...

Medical, high-energy physicists collaborate to improve PET scans
  "The electronics needs in medical imaging look very closely related to the needs we ha ...

Europe’s Space Policy becomes a reality today
  Ministers in charge of space activities in ESA's Member States, and those tasked with ...

Breathtaking views of Deuteronilus Mensae on Mars
  This image shows the Deuteronilus Mensae region on Mars, an area primarily characterized by g ...

Ground - based observatories join forces with Venus Express
  This campaign will contribute to the growing body of information on the nature of Venus’s a ...

Cassini 'CAT Scan' maps clumps in Saturn's rings
  Saturn's largest and most densely packed ring is composed of dense clumps of particles ...

Slicing the Universe with HARP/ACSIS - A New Look at Orion
  Orion is one of the most famous and recognisable constellations in the sky. At its heart, i ...

First Observation of a Uranian Mutual Event.
  The observation was made on the night of 4th May by Marton Hidas and Tim Brown, of the Las ...

New technique for ‘weighing’ black holes
  Nikolai Shaposhnikov and Lev Titarchuk, at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC), have ...

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