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TODAY MAY 31, 2020
Chronicle of a Death Foretold
  Using ESO's VLTI on Cerro Paranal and the VLBA facility operated by NRAO, an internati ...

XMM-Newton reveals X-rays from gas streams around young stars
  The results defy astronomers’ expectations, as the streams of falling matter interact with ...

A&A special feature: XMM-Newton deciphers the magnetic physics around forming stars
  The large molecular gas cloud in the constellation of Taurus is the nearest star formation ...

Researchers create new nanotechnology field
  Dr. Abdulhakem Elezzabi and his colleagues have applied plasmonics principles to spintronic ...

Old idea spawns new way to study dark matter
  For the first time, they were able to employ triangulation -- a method rooted in ancient Gr ...

Nanoscale imaging reveals unexpected behaviors in high-temperature superconductors
  Tiny, isolated patches of superconductivity exist within these substances at higher tempera ...

Novel low temperature laser processing of silicon for hybrid organic/inorganic solar cells
  The improvements are achieved with a new pulse profile for crystallisation of amorphous sil ...

XO-3b: Supersized planet or oasis in the 'brown dwarf desert'?
  The latest find from an international planet-hunting team of amateur and professional astro ...

NASA's FUSE Satellite Catches Collision of Titans
  The system, known as LH54-425, is located in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a satellite galaxy ...

Spitzer nets thousands of galaxies in a giant cluster
  Despite their diminutive sizes, dwarf galaxies play a crucial role in cosmic evolution. Ast ...

Hinode’s solar data ready for Europe’s access
  This free access is now possible thanks to the opening of the Hinode Science Data Centre in ...

Andrei Sakharov Prize
To recognize outstanding leadership and/or achievements of scientists in upholding human rights. ...

NIST atom interferometry displays new quantum tricks
  Their experiments showcase some of the extraordinary behavior taken for granted in the quan ...

Magnetic field uses sound waves to ignite sun's ring of fire
  Sound waves escaping the sun's interior create fountains of hot gas that shape and pow ...

New fabrication technique yields nanoscale UV LEDs
  Light-based nanoscale devices, such as LEDs, could be important building blocks for a new g ...

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