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TODAY MAY 28, 2022
Giant magnetocaloric materials could have large impact on the environment
  Scientists carrying out X-ray experimentation at the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne — th ...

Superconducting turbojet
  Air travel is on the increase, but it comes at a price in terms of the emissions driving cl ...

Back on Track
  Observing the image of a faint object that lies close to a star is a demanding task as the ...

Alinghi: wind in the sails of science
  The countdown to the America’s Cup has begun. No matter what the outcome, the scientific an ...

Nano technique allows precise injection of living cells
  The findings will be presented by lead researcher Ingrid Wilke, assistant professor of phys ...

Nanoscience in Austria leads the way
  Atoms on the surfaces and borderlines of matter behave differently to atoms inside its volu ...

Nasa Scientist Finds A New Way To The Centre Of The Earth
  Knowing the location of the centre of mass, determined using measurements from sites on Ear ...

Double explosion challenges theories of ways stars live and die
  A global collaboration of astronomers led by Queen's University Belfast, teamed up wit ...

Two qubits in action, new step towards the quantum computer
  Quantum computers have superior qualities in comparison to the type of computers currently ...

DCU astronomers measure the speed of the most powerful explosions in the Universe
  GRBs are the most powerful energy releases since the Big Bang and are so bright that they r ...

Everett’s Many Worlds theory conference in Canada
The international conference for leading scientists entitled Many Worlds at 50 will take place from September 21 to 24, ...

Double explosion heralds the death of a very massive star
  In 2004 Koichi Itagaki discovered an exploding star in the galaxy UGC4904 (78 million light ...

Hidden Planet Pushes Star's Ring a Billion Miles Off-Center
  Stars in the early stages of life are surrounded by dust clouds that thin out and dissipate ...

Matter Flashed at Ultra Speed
  Using a robotic telescope at the ESO La Silla Observatory, astronomers have for the first t ...

New quantum key system combines speed, distance
  Key distribution—the problem of ensuring that both the sender and receiver of an encrypted ...

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