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TODAY MARCH 20, 2023
Helping Clean Up Polluted American Harbors
Most of the harbors in America are in trouble. The culprit is pollution. These seaports have been described as the larg ...

Neutron stars join the black hole jet set
  The jet was found in Circinus X-1, a system where a neutron star is in orbit around a star ...

New, invisible nano-fibers conduct electricity, repel dirt
  In the June issue of the journal Nature Nanotechnology, Ohio State University researchers d ...

World's First X-ray Free Electron Laser Is On Course To Completion
Argonne reached another milestone in the design and construction of the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) undulato ...

CERN announces new start-up schedule for world’s most powerful particle accelerator
  Interconnections on the last sector of the LHC The LHC is a scientific instrument of unpreced ...

NASA's Swift Sees Double Supernova in Galaxy
  The galaxy, known as MCG +05-43-16, is 380 million light-years from Earth. Until this year, ...

Tribology COST Action brings Reduction in Fuel Consumption
  The COST Action contributed jointly with the EUREKA ENIWEP (European Network for Industrial ...

YES2 given green light for launch
  Following four and a half months of assembly, integration and testing at ESTEC, the groundb ...

A new technique for building nanodevices in the lab
  Physicists at the University of Pennsylvania are using a new technique to craft some of the ...

The Seventh Conversation About Reduction Of Spaceship Services Cost
  Who will be first to step on the Mars? Resolution of these matters of principle was the tas ...

Scientists ponder plant life on extrasolar Earthlike planets
  But scientists seeking clues to life on extrasolar planets are studying various biosignatur ...

The smallest piece of ice reveals its true nature
  The results provide information about the process of ice nucleation at a molecular level an ...

DIY Anti-Satellite System
  A terrorist organisation or rogue state could threaten essential satellite systems, say Adr ...

Computer models suggest planetary and extrasolar planet atmospheres
  The world is abuzz with the discovery of an extrasolar, Earth-like planet around the star G ...

Another step toward a liquid telescope on the moon
  Liquid mirror telescopes differ from conventional telescopes by their primary mirrors—the o ...

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