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100 year of helium liquefaction. 25th International conference on Low temperature Physics

100 year of helium liquefaction. 25th International conference on Low temperature Physics News (28 April 2008)

The meeting of a large fraction of the Program Committee in Castle Oud-Poelgeest near Leiden was a time of very hard work. All abstracts were carefully studied and in good harmony the last half-plenary speakers were proposed as well as the speakers for the 20 minute oral presentations. The selected persons will be contacted in the coming period. Shortly a more complete version of the program with names of the various sessions will appear on this web site.

2. The conference diner on Monday 11 August and the excursion to Leiden on Sunday 10 August turn out to be so popular that they are both fully booked. Therefore it is NOT POSSIBLE any more to register for dinner and excursion. On the one hand we are quite thankful that the conference and these events are getting so many registrations, but of course we also apologize very sincerely to those who are too late. The excursion and the dinner were organized for a significant number of participants (based on earlier LT conferences). We conclude that even our optimistic estimates were too low.

News (15 April 2008)


- the decisions on financial assistance requests were transmitted late. The Financial Assistance Committee had to make very tough choices, since about 230 scientists requested a very large amount of support, a factor four more than available. We want to give those who did not receive financial support from LT25 a chance to try and get support some where else. This is also the case for those who got (much) less than requested.

- we have run out of student codes for the moment. New codes have to be installed on our web server and on the Summit web server. This will be done today, and new codes for student registration fee of 250 euro will be given out again. It is still possible to request these codes through the supervisor. This LT seems to be very popular with students - it is gratifying to see that they want to be part of the great and historic event: 100 years of liquid helium, 100 years of professional low temperature physics.

- more colleagues are registering, submitting abstracts and paying the fees in the last 40 hours than in the 8 weeks before. We have difficulty to handle all the corresponding questions and payment problems, even though the number is percentage-wise low.

The deadline for the reduced registration fee (450 euro; for students 250 euro) is shifted till Monday 28 April 2008, end of the day (Leiden time)


On 25 April 2008 is the meeting of the Program Committee to set the program for LT25. At that time oral presentations will be selected from the contributed abstracts. Abstracts need to be in tomorrow 16 April 2008 to be considered by the Program Committee. Abstracts for poster presentations may be submitted until 5 May 2008.

New (10 April 2008)

1. The deadline for abstract submission and payment of the reduced early registration fee is rapidly approaching. Please pay in time at using your LT Identification Number LTxxxx.

2. The web site of the Institute of Physics is now open to accept your manuscript for the LT25 Proceedings, published in Journal of Physics: Conference Series. See LT25 Proceedings

3. Some more focus session have been defined and speakers are being invited: Carbon-based Electronics, Single Spins, Superconducting Quantum Systems, Josephson Lasers, Point Contacts and Tunneling, Time-reversal Symmetry Breaking in HTSC, Progress in Heavy Fermion Intermetallics. More to follow.

New (31 March 2008)

1. Please check the invited speakers - a few more have confirmed their presence.

2. Please check the exhibition - almost 20 companies will be present to advise you.


The Program Committee is defining in the oral program special focus sessions. Sessions on New Developments in Quantum Magnetism, Quantum Criticality, Quantum Turbulence, Quantum Gases meet Condensed Matter, and Supersolids are already defined. The speakers will be partially invited, partially selected from contributed abstracts. Very soon more about this.


Free (wireless) internet will be available for all participants of LT25, sponsored by Elsevier (Physica B). Wireless connections will be available in (Upper) Auditorium Lounge, Exhibition (Onyx) Lounge, Forum Lounge. Cable connections will be available in the Forum Lounge.

Second Announcement

You are cordially invited to attend the 25th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics (LT25), to be held at the RAI Congress Center in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from Wednesday through Wednesday, August 6 - 13, 2008. We are putting together an exciting and informative program with most prominent plenary and half-plenary speakers who will highlight the latest developments in the broad field of low temperature physics, including quantum gasses, fluids and solids, superconductivity, magnetism, quantum critical phenomena, correlated electron systems, quantum computation, electronic quantum transport, covering theory, experiment and applications. Two public evening lectures will elucidate the impact of cryotechnology on astrophysics, cosmology, and high-energy particle physics.

2008 is the year of Heike Kamerlingh Onnes, because 100 years ago he was the first to subdue the last of the ‘permanent’gases. This will be celebrated in Leiden throughout the year. On Sunday, 10 August 2008, the LT25 excursion will bring you to this beautiful university town to join the centenary of liquid helium.

The RAI Congress Center is conveniently located near Schiphol International Airport. It has its own railway station with a direct connection to the airport. Coming by car it is just a few hundred meters from the exit in the Amsterdam ring way. The beautiful and characteristic center of Amsterdam can be reached within 15 minutes by an excellent public transport system, which is also very convenient for commuting between the congress location and the available hotels in the city.

On this website you find information regarding registration, abstract submission, hotel reservations, visa, financial assistance, the cities of Amsterdam and Leiden, and many other subjects of interest to those who plan to attend LT25.

We look forward to seeing you at LT25.

The organizing committee,
Reijer Jochemsen
Peter Kes
Hans Mooij
Fons de Waele

First Announcement

The Leiden Institute of Physics at the Leiden University is pleased to host the 25th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics (LT25) from 6 - 13 Aug 2008. This year also marks the 100th anniversary of the liquefaction of helium by Prof. Heike Kamerlingh Onnes, which will receive some attention at the conference and especially at the excursion day in Leiden on Sunday 10 Aug 2008.

The Low Temperature Conferences are a triennial event with a rich tradition. It is the main event sponsored by the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) through its Commission C5 on Low Temperature Physics. The mandate of the conference is to promote the exchange of information and views among the members of the international scientific community in the general field of Low Temperature Physics, and the main topics are broadly classified into several areas, namely:

1. Quantum Gases, Fluids and Solids
2. Superconductivity
3. Quantum Phase Transitions and Magnetism
4. Electronic Quantum Transport in Condensed Matter
5. Cryogenic Techniques and Applications

The scientific sessions of the Conference will be held in the international conference center in Amsterdam, the RAI. This location offers excellent facilities for plenary and parallel sessions, as well as a professional and social environment for the poster sessions and the exhibitions by sponsors and other companies. In addition the city of Amsterdam is a historic and convenient setting for a few days of vacation with your family, and a gateway for a visit to Europe.

We would like to keep you informed through this website. In case you like to be placed on an email list for further announcements, please send a brief message to the organizers at Also we solicit any suggestions towards the improvement of the LT conferences, in order to make it a memorable time for each of us, and a focus point for further advancement of research at low temperature.

100 year of helium liquefaction. 25th International conference on Low temperature Physics

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