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TODAY MARCH 20, 2023
'Virtual Patient' To Simulate Real-time Organ Motions For Radiation Therapy
With a $2 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), researchers from Rensselaer Polytechnic Insti ...

Exercise Stimulates The Formation Of New Brain Cells
Exercise has a similar effect to antidepressants on depression. This has been shown by previous research. Now Astrid Bj ...

Men And Women Equally Transmit Genetic Risk Of Multiple Sclerosis To Their Children
Men and women with multiple sclerosis (MS) equally transmit the genetic risk of the disease to their children, accordin ...

Preventing The Brown Potato Chip In The Bag
You can say goodbye to the unpopular brown potato chip, thanks to a University of Guelph scientist who has found an enz ...

Curing Cancer With Mathematics?
Members of a Harvey Mudd College (HMC)-led research team recently present their research "Curing Cancer with Mathe ...

Earliest-known Evidence Of Peanut, Cotton And Squash Farming Found
Anthropologists working on the slopes of the Andes in northern Peru have discovered the earliest-known evidence of pean ...

Exposure To Environmental Toxics Accelerates Age-related Parkinson's Disease In Mice
Scientists at the Buck Institute for Age Research have shown that combining two environmental toxic substances accelera ...

Oceanographer Developing Next Generation Of Hurricane Forecast Tools
A University of Rhode Island oceanographer who helped develop an ocean-based hurricane forecast model that has been the ...

Researchers Identify Target Of Angiogenesis And Tumor Inhibitor
Researchers at the University of Kentucky have advanced research of a natural product found in an Indian medicinal plan ...

Radio Frequency Ablation Vaporizes Inoperable Kidney And Liver Tumors
Hollywood talent manager Louis Bershad, 68, whose clients include many top actors in town, recently underwent a routine ...

Vets Pioneer Back Surgery For Dogs
The veterinary hospital at Oklahoma State University’s Center for Veterinary Health Sciences offers percutaneous ...

Lightning Strikes Deadliest In Summer
Lightning strikes were responsible for 47 confirmed deaths and 246 confirmed injuries last year, according to the Natio ...

Some Common Human Injuries Also Common In Dogs
Fortunately for both pet owner and pet, there are veterinarians who can treat these ailments and get pets back on their ...

Wildlife Habitat Protected In First Test Of Ecological Investment Markets
Farmers in Jamestown, R.I., are being paid by local residents to delay haying their fields until after birds have compl ...

Revolutionary Armrest Can Prevent Repetitive Strain Injuries
University of Guelph engineers have designed an armrest that reduces repetitive strain injuries and has the potential t ...

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Carbon nanotubes are deposited in solution onto the substrate. The nanotubes are allowed to settle and stick to the surface of the substrate.
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