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TODAY MARCH 20, 2023
Pseudo-satellites Allow Accurate Navigation In Helsinki Harbour
Pseudo-satellites, ground-based substitutes used when signals from ‘real’ satellites are not available, can ...

Autistic Brains Can Be Trained To Recognize Visual And Vocal Cues, Study Shows
To understand the meaning of a conversation, kids automatically do what adults do —besides processing the meaning ...

Common Preterm Labor Drug Has More Side Effects Than Alternative, Study finds
STANFORD, Calif. - The drug most commonly used to arrest preterm labor, magnesium sulfate, is more likely than another ...

New Study Could Bring Relief To Sweltering City Slickers
Sweltering summers in the city may become more bearable in future years, thanks to a new study probing the heat contrib ...

New Research On Secondhand Smoke Discovers Nonsmoking Workers Immediately Absorb Potent Carcinogen
Offering alarming new evidence on the dangers of permitting smoking in the workplace, scientists have found that nonsmo ...

Ambulance Crews Gain Crucial New Hand Held Computer Link To Emergency Medical Data
Ambulance crews are to gain a crucial new tool to help them get speedy access to information on everything from advice ...

Sugar Coated Proteins Seal In A Memory Of Diabetes, Research Shows
Researchers at the University of Warwick’s Warwick Medical School have uncovered a process that locks the body&rs ...

The Newest Artificial Intelligence Computing Tool: People
A USC Information Sciences Institute researcher thinks she has found a new source of artificial intelligence computing ...

Finisar Introduces Low Cost VCSEL Technology at LASER 2007
The world`s largest VCSEL manufacturer, Finisar Corporation (NASDAQ: FNSR) today introduced two new VCSEL-based (Vertica ...

Laser Module Predicts End of Life
Photonic Products, the UK opto-electronics device manufacturer and laser diode specialist, is showcasing new 635nm Photo ...

New Green TEC Laser Module Unveiled in Munich
Photonic Products, the UK opto-electronics device manufacturer and laser diode specialist, is introducing a new 532nm DP ...

Where Is The Most Dangerous Place To Travel Over The Holiday?
Just in time for the most dangerous days of the year to drive -- July 3 and 4 -- the national Center for Excellence in ...

Cloned Pigs Help Scientists Towards A Breakthrough In Alzheimer's
The first pigs containing genes responsible for Alzheimer`s disease will be born in Denmark in August. This event is a ...

Modern Brains Have An Ancient Core
Hormones control growth, metabolism, reproduction and many other important biological processes. In humans, and all ot ...

City Site Was Dinosaur Dining Room
A dinosaur bone bed in southwest Edmonton that served as a feeding area for the direct ancestor of Tyrannosaurus rex h ...

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The substrate is then rinsed in a photoresist developer solution, in which all parts of the photoresist exposed to light are removed
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