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TODAY MARCH 20, 2023
Diode Laser Group of Jenoptik at LASER Trade Show with new developments in high-power diode lasers
The conversion of the products to high-efficiency diode-laser bars, which began with the unveiling of new products at LA ...

VG Scienta at IVC17 / ICSS-13
VG Scienta are proud to be associated with the 17th International Vacuum Conference and the 13th International Conferenc ...

Nanoscience in Austria leads the way
Nickel-rhodium nanowires exhibit surprisingly high reactivity towards oxygen. As a result, they offer future development ...

UNH researchers prove existence of new type of electron wave
The existence of this wave means that the electrons on the surfaces of copper, iron, beryl ...

Doing Nature One Better: Expanding The Genetic Code In Living Mammalian Cells
Researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies have developed a novel strategy to expand the natural repertoi ...

Researchers To Improve Prostate Cancer Diagnostic Methods
Pioneering research to increase the accuracy of prostate cancer diagnoses has earned Rutgers, The State University of N ...

Cognitive Scores Vary As Much Within Test Takers As Between Age Groups Making Testing Less Valid
How precise are tests used to diagnose learning disability, progressive brain disease or impairment from head injury&qu ...

New Tool For Marine Conservation
In the July/August 2007 issue of BioScience, Mark D. Spalding of The Nature Conservancy and fourteen colleagues from ar ...

Do Pediatricians Face A Malpractice Crisis?
Do pediatricians face a malpractice crisis? In the first systematic multi-year analysis of malpractice claims solely ag ...

MRI Plus X-ray Mammography Doubles Breast Cancer Detection In Women At High Risk
For women at high risk of breast cancer, use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) plus X-ray mammography for screening w ...

Key To Male Infertility
A factor in immune cells regulates human semen and seems to determine whether a man will be fertile, according to a new ...

Critical Protein Prevents DNA Damage From Persisting Through Generations
A protein long known to be involved in protecting cells from genetic damage has been found to play an even more importa ...

Therapeutic Value Of Meditation Unproven, Says Study
"There is an enormous amount of interest in using meditation as a form of therapy to cope with a variety of modern ...

Surgery Is More Effective Than Other Treatments For Common Back Problem, Study Shows
When it comes to low back pain, physicians generally advise exhausting nonsurgical options before resorti ...

Exposure To Cats Increases Asthmatic Symptoms In People Without Specific Cat Allergy
Researchers in the United Kingdom have found that increased exposure to cat allergen is associated with greater bronchi ...

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The substrate is dried off with forced nitrogen gas, and those nanotubes that settled onto the surface of the susbstrate may remain (highlighted). Some of these nanotubes my span the trench.
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