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TODAY MARCH 20, 2023
Seabird Diet History Revealed Through Analyisis Of Museum Samples
Using feathers from museum collections all over the world, a University of Guelph integrative biology professor has tes ...

Painkiller Abuse Continues To Grow; New Treatments Offer Hope
Increasingly, drug abusers are getting their next fix from their medicine cabinets, instead of from drug dealers. ...

Researchers Develop New Method To Control Complex Systems
When signals in complex systems -- like hearts and brains -- go haywire, dangerous conditions, such as irregular heartb ...

Protein C Levels Help Predict Risk Of Death In ICU Patients
A simple laboratory test to measure protein Ca natural anti-blood-clotting substance that also reflects the level of in ...

Gene That Spurs Development Of Epididymis Found
Human sperm cells travel up to 6 meters in their transit from testes to penis, and most of that journey occu ...

Questions Over Value Of Glucose Monitoring For Non-insulin Using Diabetes Patients
The research, being presented today at the American Diabetes Association Conference, suggests that current guidelines f ...

Not A Relay Race, But A Team Game: New Model For Signal Transduction In Cells
Among the key communication systems within a cell is the Wnt signaling pathway, which regulates embryonic development a ...

Green Junta? Avoiding An Authoritarian Military-environment Elite
A radical suggestion for creating a global infrastructure that is both sustainable and green might rely on nations work ...

Desertification: UN Experts Prescribe Global Policy Overhaul To Avoid Looming Mass Migrations
Desertification, exacerbated by climate change, represents "the greatest environmental challenge of our times" ...

Turn Off TV To Teach Toddlers New Words
Toddlers learn their first words better from people than from Teletubbies, according to new research at Wake Forest Uni ...

Mothers' Second-hand Smoke Exposure Linked To Psychological Problems For Kids
Children whose mothers were exposed to second-hand smoke while they were pregnant have more symptoms of serious psychol ...

Drug Resistance Argues Against Mutation Theory Of Cancer
Most cancer researchers are convinced that cancer results from a handful of genetic mutations that kick a cell into unc ...

Keep A Cool Head On Hot, Humid Days To Avoid Heat Stroke
"Heat stroke is not an accident," says Marilyn J. Heine, M.D., an emergency physician in Bucks County and a m ...

Outdoor Alcohol Ads Boost Kids' Urge To Drink
In the world depicted in an alcohol billboard, bikini-clad babes clutch icy bottles, frothy beer flows over frosty mugs ...

Needle-stick Injuries Are Common But Unreported By Surgeons In Training
A survey of nearly 700 surgical residents in 17 U.S. medical centers finds that more than half failed to report needl ...

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