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TODAY MARCH 20, 2023

Two Faraday cages are 1000 times better than a single cage

The genius of experimental physics Michael Faraday has observed that the electric filed cannot penetrate into a box made of metal. Today, a metallic box with a sample in it, intended to prevent electric and electromagnetic fields from reaching the sample, is called a Faraday cage. Yet nothing is 100% proof. Some photons, which carry electric and magnetic fields with them, apparently can leak through a metallic box. But what about two boxes placed one into another, like in a matryoshka doll? Now a group of European scientists, from Finland and Germany, has demonstrated that two Faraday cages provide screening from the electric field that is a thousand times more efficient as compared to just one such cage. The set of two Faraday cages is used to provide an ideal environment to a single-electron trap device. The hold time of their single-electron trap is shown to increase significantly, inside the double-Faraday-cage, due to a suppression of tunneling events assisted by fluctuations of the electric field, which can penetrate through a single Faraday cage. The trap time achieved has increased one thousand time and reached 10 hours, as the device was placed into the double-Faraday-cage.

Two Faraday cages are 1000 times better than a single cage

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