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New book on superconducting nanowires (with problems and solutions)

New book on superconducting nanowires (with problems and solutions)

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Fabrication and electronic transport properties of superconducting nanowires are summarized. The book is adressed at students and young researchers. This monograph deals with fundamental questions as well as the latest findings regarding fabrication, measurements, and theories.

The book has twenty problems with solutions.

From the contents
1 Introduction
2 Selected Theoretical Topics Relevant to Superconducting Nanowires
3 StewartMcCumber Model
4 Fabrication of Nanowires Using Molecular Templates
5 Experimental Methods
6 Resistance of Nanowires Made of Superconducting Materials
7 Golubev and Zaikin Theory of Thermally Activated Phase Slips
8 Stochastic Premature Switching and Kurkij¨arvi Theory
9 Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling in Thin Wires
10 SuperconductorInsulator Transition (SIT) in Thin and ShortWires
11 Bardeen Formula for the Temperature Dependence of the Critical Current
A Superconductivity in MoGe Alloys
B Variance and the Variance Estimator
C Problems with Solutions

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