Nanofabrication This section provides information on the history and modern developments in nanofabrication.
Kavli Prize, $1 million award in nanoscience
Kavli Prize, $1 million award in nanoscience Kavli Foundation announced in 2005 that it was establishing the KAVLI PRIZES, three $1 million awards to be given in a biennial ceremony in Oslo to scientists in astrophysics, neuroscience and NANOSCIENCE.
Superconductivity at Nanoscale
Superconductivity at Nanoscale Superconductivity is a state of metal in which the electrical current flows without any detectable dissipation. It is a fascinating phenomenon that was used to measure magnetic fields of a living brain as well as to test the limits of the Quantum Mechanics.
Quantum phenomena at the nanoscale
  Quantum phenomena at the nanoscale "The more precisely the POSITION is determined, the less precisely the MOMENTUM is known"
About ARIA Nanogallery
About ARIA Nanogallery Welcome to ARIA Advanced Research Information Agency Nanogallery. The resource is dedicated to nanotechnology and advanced research in general. The ARIA provides news, information, and critical analysis of the broader impact of science on the society at large.
Superconductivity Superconductivity is a quantum phenomenon with macroscopic manifestations.
News in pictures
News in pictures News-pictures News-pictures News-pictures News-pictures News-pictures
BCS50 conference on superconductivity
BCS50 conference on superconductivity Celebrating the Bardeen- Cooper- Schrieffer (BCS) Theory of Superconductivity
New book on superconducting nanowires (with problems and solutions)
New book on superconducting nanowires (with problems and solutions) New book on superconducting nanowires (with problems and solutions)
The cylindrical superstructures are composed of silver nanoparticles with V-shaped amphiphilic arms. The short rod-like and spherical assemblies are made of gold nanoparticles with the same V-shaped amphiphilic arms.  The self-assembly occurs upon slow addition of water to solution of nanoparticles in organic solvent called tetrahydrofuran. The resulting mixture is then dialyzed against pure water in order to remove organic solvent and obtain a pure aqueous solution of the superstructures (they remain in water without any precipitation, just like micelles).
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