(2012-01-12) National Science Foundation, Arlington, Virginia 22230
The Division of Materials Research (DMR) announces a nationwide search for senior-level researchers to serve as Program Directors. Formal consideration of interested applications will begin January 31, 2012 and will continue until selections are made. See
March 02, 2009- Nanochemistry Laboratory
Who should apply: A highly motivated and talented young researchers with a broad background at the interface between nanoscience, chemistry, physics, electrical engineering and materials science, holding a Ph.D in one among these disciplines.See
Octber 12, 2007
Soft condensed matter physicist for a tenure-track positionSee
August 17, 2007; Postdoctoral Fellowship: Mechanics of Nanostructure Forming
Cross Laboratory CRANN Nanoscience Institute and School of Physics Trinity College Dublin, Ireland Available for immediate filling: A postdoctoral position in the area of mechanical nanostructure forming and nanoimprint of soft condensed matter and glass forming systems. See
Single molecules can be used as perfect templates or scaffolds for metal deposition. 
For example, it is possible to decorate a single nanotube with a film of amorphous metal and produce a homogeneous nanowire of width in the range 5-10 nm.
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