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11. Nanohour
Nanohour is an informal seminar series that discusses research in the continuously growing field of nanotechnology. Presentations are focused on physical phenomena at the micro/nano-level, nano-devices and structures, and fabrication techniques.
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12. Nanowerk Nanotechnology Portal
Comprehensive nanotechnology portal with extensive link directories, daily news and Nanowerk-exclusive feature articles, reports, events calendar, and a nanomaterial database
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13. PhysicsWeb
Physics News
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14. Postdoctoral positions at Institute for theoretical physics
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics is accepting applications for Postdoctoral Researcher positions that begin in the Fall of 2007 (full details below) and we hope you will share the news by: 1. Forwarding this information directly to promising candidates and others who will want to know 2. Posting the text (below) on your website, intranet and in newsletters 3. Printing and hanging the poster at 4. Emailing back with your suggestions to The Institute offers a productive research environment and welcomes all exceptional candidates to apply by November 15th. Thank you in advance for sharing this info with others. Respectfully, Justin Khoury, Faculty Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics 31 Caroline Street North, Waterloo, Canada N2L 2Y5 Tel: 011-519-569-7600
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The cylindrical superstructures are composed of silver nanoparticles with V-shaped amphiphilic arms. The short rod-like and spherical assemblies are made of gold nanoparticles with the same V-shaped amphiphilic arms.  The self-assembly occurs upon slow addition of water to solution of nanoparticles in organic solvent called tetrahydrofuran. The resulting mixture is then dialyzed against pure water in order to remove organic solvent and obtain a pure aqueous solution of the superstructures (they remain in water without any precipitation, just like micelles).
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