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An optical mask is aligned over the substrate and the sample is exposed to UV light. The mask is designed to isolate a single nanotube and simultaneously create an electrode pattern for later measurements.
2013-11-29 New microscope captures movements of atoms and molecules
2013-04-04 Boron neutron capture therapy kills cancer
2013-01-13 Novosad's 'spin vortices' show a collective behavior in an alternating magnetic field
2012-10-17 Radioactive Gold Nanoparticles Can Kill Prostate Cancer Cells
2012-06-22 Nanoparticles in lunar soil
2012-02-24 Quantum dots help fight cancer
2012-02-23 Aluminum oxide is a natural nanofilm
2012-02-13 Killing cancer with nanotubes
2012-02-05 Hydrogen technology meets nanotechnology
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2013-11-29 Political preferences can be influenced by genes
2013-04-10 Genes can define if you are a hard-worker or a lazy one
2012-02-08 Nanotechnology in medicine - the next scientific revolution
2012-01-25 Human DNA carries some physics knowledge
2012-01-11 Heisenberg principles and his Easter celebration
2012-01-10 Mikhail Lomonosov
2012-01-05 Cancer cells can be detected before tumors grow
2011-12-26 Iron based superconducting wires
2011-10-06 Perlmutter, Riess, and Schmidt receive the 2011 physics Nobel for the discovery of the accelerating and expanding universe
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    Nanofabrication This section provides information on the history and modern developments in nanofabrication.
  Quantum phenomena at the nanoscale "The more precisely the POSITION is determined, the less precisely the MOMENTUM is known"
  Quantum phenomena at the nanoscale
BCS50 conference on superconductivity Celebrating the Bardeen- Cooper- Schrieffer (BCS) Theory of Superconductivity
BCS50 conference on superconductivity
Kavli Prize, $1 million award in nanoscience Kavli Foundation announced in 2005 that it was establishing the KAVLI PRIZES, three $1 million awards to be given in a biennial ceremony in Oslo to scientists in astrophysics, neuroscience and NANOSCIENCE.
Kavli Prize, $1 million award in nanoscience
New book on superconducting nanowires (with problems and solutions) New book on superconducting nanowires (with problems and solutions)
New book on superconducting nanowires (with problems and solutions)
Superconductivity at Nanoscale Superconductivity is a state of metal in which the electrical current flows without any detectable dissipation. It is a fascinating phenomenon that was used to measure magnetic fields of a living brain as well as to test the limits of the Quantum Mechanics.
Superconductivity at Nanoscale
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About ARIA Nanogallery
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Superconductivity Superconductivity is a quantum phenomenon with macroscopic manifestations.
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